Joro Experiences is a travel company that creates extraordinary experiences and we exist to help people find different ways of discovering the world.

That might be a solo expedition in search of polar bears in Alaska, a family’s journey to explore the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, or a couple’s quest to catch their perfect wave. We connect our clients to some of the most exceptional individuals around the world, from street artists and helicopter pilots to carpet weavers and marine biologists. These people will help you travel deeper, introducing you to new cultures, communities and habitats on the ground.

We’ll never give you advice on where to go without having a conversation first. Every journey with us is entirely bespoke and we see each trip as a fresh challenge.

Our approach is both collaborative and critical. We tailor experiences to your interests and motivations, while taking the logistics off your hands. If you say you want to see snow leopards in Ladakh but we know you will have a better chance in Mongolia, then we’ll say so. We take a transparent approach to costs, and will be with you from start to journey’s end.

We respect the communities and environments in which we operate, and are committed to protecting them.

We’ve worked hard to create a network of individuals that truly care about their part of the world and we always give back to social and environmental causes that are relevant to you and your trip.

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