We’re part of a movement for change.

Net Positive Travel

Our founders, Duncan and Henry, started Joro Experiences with a vision to combine luxury travel and adventure with sustainability and safeguarding our planet. This means we’ve got some of the best contacts possible and access to experiences you can’t get elsewhere, but it also means that you can enjoy your travel safe in the knowledge that you’re positively impacting the planet.

Since our inception we have been committed to sustainable travel, both in tangible terms of carbon emissions and the less-tangible-but-equally-important community impact of trips. We have always offset 100% of carbon from the trips our clients take, as well as all the carbon we emit as a company, and over the years, we have made sure to keep up with the latest research to ensure that our sustainability practices are grounded in science.

We are proud to be a carbon neutral business but know there is still a long way to go if we are going to play an active role in the fight against climate change. That’s why we joined the ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency Movement’. We hope to help people travel the world responsibly and sustainably – to be part of the solution, with immediate action. You can find more information about what it means to be part of this movement and read our Climate Emergency Action Plan.

Campaign for good

Alongside our commitment to reducing carbon emissions year-on-year, we also want to look at new ways that we and our partners can have a positive impact. We work with experts in the field to ensure we’re continually improving as a company, and in 2020 we co-founded The Conscious Travel Foundation – a social enterprise established to unite and educate owner-operated travel businesses and raise funds for grass-roots charity projects around the world.

The goal of The Conscious Travel Foundation is to make travel matter. We want to help people explore the world with purpose and reason, forming meaningful connections with the places they visit. Our aim is to promote and encourage the positive impact of the travel industry on the environment, protecting and conserving the planet for generations to come.

Good Business

We recognise the immense privilege that comes with exploring the world and want to do everything we can to ensure our business benefits both people and the planet. We were the UK’s first B Corp certified luxury travel company.

To us, good business is about so much more than our bottom line, it’s about recognising the impact of our decisions on our team, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. We audit all our suppliers and operators and only work with those who can demonstrate they share our ethos and are working for the good of the planet, not just their shareholders. This is a laborious task but is vital in driving change within the industry.

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