The Blind Birdwatcher

Filmed in the Argentinian rainforest surrounding the Iguazu falls, 'The Blind Birdwatcher' tells the tale of Juan Pablo Culasso as he records the sounds of the jungle.

Photos and words by Awasi

‘The Blind Birdwatcher’, reflects the experience of Juan Pablo Culasso recording the sounds of the jungle in the area around the Iguazú Falls. Juan Pablo, an expert in birding, was born blind. He is passionate about nature and bird watching so has devoted his career to recording the sounds of the environment. He has become a leading birding expert using only his hearing.

The short film ‘The Blind Birdwatcher’, filmed in the rainforest around Iguazu, was awarded as best video in the ‘Nature / Landscape’ category at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. Produced by the Awasi team and filmed by the Chilean-based Danish director Morten Andersen, the film was also nominated for three awards in the Polish Film Festival.

Juan Pablo can recognise over 3,000 bird calls, perfected in his many years spent listening to the rainforest. When the Awasi team became aware of Juan Pablo’s history they invited him to record the sounds of the Atlantic Rainforest surrounding the lodge. By doing so, the richness of the environment in the Misiones can be experienced far beyond the falls. In the three weeks that they followed Juan Pablo,  a record number of  bird calls and soundscapes were recorded, allowing for the ‘The Blind Birdwatcher’ to be curated.


Joro Experiences The Blind Birdwatcher Butterfly – Awasi Iguazu – PH Miguel Cesar
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