Meet The Guides IV: Brendon Bevan, Arkaba

The Flinders Range is the largest mountain chain in Southern Australia and Brendon Bevan talks about supporting conservation initiatives and becoming a guide in this challenging landscape

Words by Brendon Bevan

Originally from South Africa I moved to Arkaba by pure luck. I stumbled onto this dream conservation property which is doing more for the environment than any other I had seen elsewhere in Australia. I can apply the knowledge I gained over the years in Africa when I was a guide to the ever changing environment in the incredibly diverse ecosystems at Arkaba.

This is an operation that enables me to fulfil both my conservation dreams and guest interaction all ‘under one roof’ so to speak. I found a true love and passion for the environment from a very young age and did everything I could to educate myself on every subject I could. I will forever be learning! Over the years I have dipped my toes in many puddles in my guiding career and have a particular passion for tracking, photography, birds, mammals and reptiles – I love everything else too though!

It’s hard to put into words what the best experience is to provide for a client. But to enable a genuine connection – to be the conduit for that journey to plug into nature and feel the energy this place gives, to see people change over a few days and feel truly connected again, is one of the most rewarding feelings possible.

I could not possibly select my favourite story…but, I guess this takes me back to the question about what is the best experience you can give a client, where it is all about enabling the connection. Watching an elephant being born in The Okavango, a nursing Western Grey Kangaroo at sunrise or the first sighting of Western Quolls on Arkaba since the reintroduction programme… Sharing these experiences with people and knowing that we are making a positive contribution is key for me.

In terms of supporting conservation movements,  I am a huge supporter of NGO conservation entities in particular The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (and others).  I have participated in programs to ensure that Arkaba is a role model conservation property, as it is also a buffer property on the edge of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. 

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Joro Experiences Meet The Guides IV: Brendon Bevan Arkaba
Words by

Brendon Bevan

Meet The Guides is a series of stories from our favourite guides whose local knowledge is unrivalled, and invaluable to us at Joro. In this series we are able to share with you their most treasured stories and how they work to protect and conserve the environments they love.

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