Meet The Guides I: Tessum Bryon Webber, Weber Arctic

Arctic guide and local Tessum Weber grew up with one of the last nomadic Inuit families and his life in Arctic has shaped his view of what makes an epic experience.

Words by Tessum Weber

I was born in Eastern Canada and have spent most of my life in the Canadian Arctic. We grew up with one of the last nomadic Inuit families – spending our summers in nomadic hunting camps. A fantastic way to explore! I now live in western Canada and devote even more of my time in the Arctic.

I do consider myself an expert in Arctic adventure – I’ve spent 28 years exploring the Arctic; from hiking trips, wildlife viewing, sea kayaking, to logistical expeditions such as film shoots. I have trekked to the North Pole and have operated Arctic Watch and Arctic Haven with my family for the past 18+ years.

My dream experience is to offer a guest the ability to visit Arctic Watch, see the beluga nursery of Cunningham Inlet, hike the Northwest Passage shoreline for polar bears, sea kayak the northwest passage, snorkel with Narwhals, then fly to Arctic Haven and witness one of the last great caribou migrations on earth and fly fish for Arctic grayling, all in one adventure! 

More than 25 years in the Arctic means I have numerous fantastic stories! One of my favourites was at the age of 8 years old, I had an Arctic wolf steal an Arctic char from me – I’d caught the fish on a rod, only to have an alpha male wolf appear and steal it! Another one of my favourite moments was reaching the North Pole from land, after 42 days of trekking – one of the hardest journeys I have ever undertaken!

One of the most rewarding and important environmental projects we support is the beluga whale research in Cunningham Inlet. Cunningham is one of the last great beluga nurseries on earth, an estimated 2,000 whales visit annually to nurse and moult. This is one of the last truly wild and undisturbed populations on earth.

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Joro Experiences Meet The Guides Tessum Bryon Webber Weber Arctic
Words by

Tessum Weber

Meet The Guides is a series of stories from our favourite guides whose local knowledge is unrivalled, and invaluable to us at Joro. In this series we are able to share with you their most treasured stories and how they work to protect and conserve the environments they love.

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