Looking to the Future

We can’t change the direction of the wind but we can adjust the sails - Henry gives his thoughts on what might lie ahead. Read More

In Conversation With Jamshyd Sethna

In conversation with Shakti’s owner Jamshyd, Joro’s co-founder Henry finds out where the idea for Shakti came from and what it takes to create a successful business in the remote Himalayas. Read More

Queen of the Termites

The Esa Eja are an endangered indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon. This is a story of how they are facing the encroachment of modern life. Read More

Rolling The Dice

The view that greeted me was so astounding it actually made me step backwards. Beyond the bow, wind-whipped waves glistened in sunlight as we entered a wide fjord. Read More

Women of the Sulu Archipelago

Traveling in a region dismissed by many as too risky for foreigners to explore, I was lucky enough to witness some of the unique customs and ways of life belonging to the women of the Sama-Bajau and Tausug people Read More