News: The Mountain Bike Track in Nepal that’s Keeping Kids in School

A Joro Experience

In spring 2022, Joro made a donation to Phaplu Mountain Bike Club, an entirely community-led initiative aiming to give young people a safe, inclusive space to have fun, as well as provide alternative career prospects.


News: Joro Experiences Publishes its First Impact Report

A Joro Experience

We have just published our first Impact Report and are thrilled to be able to share it with the world.


Sailing, Ski Touring and Summiting Fjords in Iceland

A sail and ski trip hosted by Henry Comyn

"The weather swung from sunshine and fresh powder to high winds so strong that the yacht couldn’t sail, forcing Henry to use his creativity, contacts and experience as host to ensure that there was no sense of compromise or settling for ‘Plan B’. Instead, he adapted and found adventure in unexpected moments..."

000_ARTESANAS_Greisis (1)

News: Joro donates an oven to Green Apple Studio, Cartagena, to recycle glass

A Joro Experience

Since it's B Corp month, we wanted to put a spotlight on our friends over at Green Apple Foundation.


Rediscovering ‘that feeling’ in South Africa

Words and images by Susie Thorne

“The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” ― Christopher McCandless


Finding Serenity in Ladakh, India

Written by Henry Comyn

For those wanting to get away from it all and take a breather from the frenetic pace of day-to-day life, there are few places as well suited as the mountainous landscapes of Ladakh, as our co-founder Henry Comyn found out when he travelled to India in 2019...


Culture, Conservation and Kitesurfing in Kenya

Written by George Reynolds

"It’s no exaggeration to say that this part of the trip forever changed how I’ll travel in the future. It’s a skill I’ll hopefully take with me for the rest of my life..."


Adventure in Antarctica: The Magic of the White Continent

Written by Justin Packshaw

As our chairman Justin Packshaw gets ready to embark on his third adventure in Antartica, he reflects on his previous trips - how they've challenged, shaped and inspired him, and how they can bring about social and environmental change.


Joro joins the B Corp Family

Written by Duncan Over

Whilst this might not be the start to 2021 we’d all imagined, we’d like to share some positive news from here at Joro Experiences. On 31st December, as Henry was celebrating the end of the year with a swim off the chilly Dorset coast, we received word that Joro had been awarded our B Corp Certification.

Joro Experiences Swimming Snorkelling Sea

Joro Experiences Climate Emergency Plan

Written by Duncan Over

In January 2020, Joro Experiences became a signatory of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, a global community of 147 travel businesses and individuals who have declared a climate emergency, joining forces to find solutions. In doing so, we committed to a number of measures designed to make our impact on the planet a positive one. 

Joro Experiences Meet The Guides V: Pete and Takutai Beech, Maori Eco Tours

Meet The Guides V: Pete & Takutai Beech, Maori Eco Tours

Words by Pete Beech

With a bay named after them in the Marlborough Sounds, Pete and Takutai Beech are formidable Sound locals. They have fought international corporations to protect the fragile environment (and won) and are passionate about maintaining Maori culture and showing visitors the natural wonders of the Sounds

Joro Experiences The Flinders Ranges Meet The Guides Brendon Bevan Arkaba

Meet The Guides IV: Brendon Bevan, Arkaba

Words by Brendon Bevan

The Flinders Range is the largest mountain chain in Southern Australia and Brendon Bevan talks about supporting conservation initiatives and becoming a guide in this challenging landscape

Joro Experiences New Zealand Meet The Guides III: Bevan Charles Climo, A True Kaitiaki Mountain Sunset

Meet The Guides III: Bevan Charles Climo, A True Kaitiaki

Words by Bevan Charles Climo

As a Natural Owner Guardian of Pounamu Jade, Bevan Charles Climo has a deep connection with his Maori ancestors and this has enabled him to create national treasure for New Zealand

Joro Experiences Sulu Philippines Boatbuilding

Snapshots of the Sulu Archipelago: Boatbuilding

Words and photos by Jacob Maentz

The Sama-Bajau are celebrated craftsmen and continue to make ships entirely by hand.

Joro Experiences Shakti Jamshyd Sethna

In Conversation With Jamshyd Sethna

Words by Henry Comyn

In conversation with Shakti’s owner Jamshyd, Joro’s co-founder Henry finds out where the idea for Shakti came from and what it takes to create a successful business in the remote Himalayas.

Joro Experiences Iceland Rolling The Dice

A letter from the founders

Written by Duncan Over

An update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Joro Experiences Queen of the Termites Ese Eja indigenous people

Queen of the Termites

Words and translation by Rocio Martínez and Enigma, Peru

The Esa Eja are an endangered indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon. This is a story of how they are facing the encroachment of modern life.

Joro Experiences Climate Emergency Polar Bear Swimming

JORO Experiences Declares a Climate Emergency

Written by Duncan Over

We hope to help people travel the world responsibly and sustainably – to be part of the solution, with immediate action.

Joro Experiences What A Time To Be Alive Justin Packshaw South Pole 2012

What a time to be alive!

Written by Justin Packshaw

Shake off any doubt you may have, ignite your deepest dreams and go and see the wonders of this magnificent world first-hand.

Joro Experiences Through A Lens A Lion Skirmish

Wildlife Insight: Hamerkop Social Behaviour

Words and photos by Edward Selfe

Taken in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia - a rare unexplained social behaviour between hamerkops is caught on camera

Joro Experiences Iceland Rolling The Dice

Rolling The Dice

Photos and words by Tom Mcnally

The view that greeted me was so astounding it actually made me step backwards. Beyond the bow, wind-whipped waves glistened in sunlight as we entered a wide fjord.

Joro Experiences Meet The Guide Silvia Rico Enigma Peru

Meet The Guides II: Silvia Rico Coll, Enigma

Words by Silvia Rico Coll

Silvia, founder of Enigma talks about moving from multi-national corporations to focussing on her passion - creating bespoke adventures across Peru


Women of the Sulu Archipelago

Photos and words by Jacob Maentz

Traveling in a region dismissed by many as too risky for foreigners to explore, I was lucky enough to witness some of the unique customs and ways of life belonging to the women of the Sama-Bajau and Tausug people

Joro Experiences Honey Hunters Nepal Prayer Flags Mountain Peak

The Honey Hunters of Nepal

Words by Henry Comyn

The Gurung tribesmen of Nepal scale hundreds of metres up cliff faces to collect potent honey. As the pressure on the hiking regions increases, tourism options are beginning to diversify into the world of the honey hunters.

Joro Experiences Meet The Guides Tessum Bryon Webber Weber Arctic

Meet The Guides I: Tessum Bryon Webber, Weber Arctic

Words by Tessum Weber

Arctic guide and local Tessum Weber grew up with one of the last nomadic Inuit families and his life in Arctic has shaped his view of what makes an epic experience.

Joro Experiences Through A Lens A Lion Skirmish

Through The Lens: A Lion Skirmish

Photos and words by Edward Selfe

A dominant incumbent male lion sees off an intruder in the Luangwa Valley.


A Modern Day Cowboy

Words by Julian Fernandez

With one eye on the past preserving this unique culture and one on the future by educating visitors, Seudiel Walteros is a true Llanero plainsman, a modern day cowboy.

Joro Experiences The Blind Birdwatcher Awasi Iguazu – PH Miguel CesarJuan Pablo Culasso

The Blind Birdwatcher

Photos and words by Awasi

Filmed in the Argentinian rainforest surrounding the Iguazu falls, 'The Blind Birdwatcher' tells the tale of Juan Pablo Culasso as he records the sounds of the jungle.


Wet Toes

Written by Tom McNally

This is what we had come for. We were deep in the Icelandic highlands. The nearest tarmac was three days’ long ride and we had no idea where the nearest human being was. The sense of freedom was palpable.


Ancients of the Altiplano

Words by Johnny Langenheim

Johnny Langenheim goes flamingo hunting with the Chipaya, an ancient Andean culture that predates the Inca by 2500 years but could be extinct in a matter of decades as climate change inevitably alters the landscape they have inhabited for thousands of years.

Tomian3 01July2010

On The Tides of Time

Written by Johnny Langenheim

Today only a few of the once-nomadic Bajau people live on the open ocean where they survive by blending traditional fishing practices with more controversial modern methods.