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The Times

Jaguars, birds and armadillos: a luxurious wildlife tour of Brazil

The thrill for me was seeing vast swathes of our planet left untouched — and witnessing the effect that serious investments in nature can have. That Joro Experiences, the operator that organised my trip, offset my carbon and invests proceeds from the trip via its Conscious Travel Foundation into Brazilian projects, was the cherry on top, making it a dream trip that just keeps giving… Read more

Great British Brands

ZERO Issue 2021

Focusing on high-end, exquisitely crafted journeys, the company recently devised its first flight-free trip and is becoming a carbon positive business, measuring every trip and analysing its suppliers’ carbon output… Read more

Conde Nast Traveller

10 travel companies for eco-conscious travellers

Joro tries to make travelling more sustainable for its clients by communicating the carbon footprint implications of every step, prioritising electric vehicles for transfers, direct flights and the right accommodation choices… Read more

Elite Traveler

Meet Joro Experiences: The Travel Company Making a Difference

“A sense of achievement is an overlying theme in the itineraries that Joro curates. Clients who may have excelled either professionally or academically will often approach the team in search of help with a life-long quest or goal that they want to accomplish…. In fact, there seems to be little limit to what Joro Experiences can help its clients achieve.”… Read more 

Brummell Magazine

Expert escapes: Joro Experiences

‘Real adventure is trying something outside your comfort zone and Joro Experiences offers alternative ways of seeing the world that open up different perspectives or passions,’ says Comyn. ‘We provide the back-up cover and support you need but above all, we plan a flawless build-up, so you are confident you are in the best possible state to face the adventure ahead.’… Read More

Country & Town House

The Sustainable Travel Certifications and Badges to Know

Need a little help finding an eco-friendly holiday? Sustainable tourism is evolving at a rapid pace, but with so much greenwashing to navigate (the term actually originates from a hotel practice to cut costs while selling an eco-dream), how do you distinguish between the good and the bad? We interviewed Henry Comyn, managing director at B Corp certified travel company Joro Experiences to find out where to start when it comes to travel certifications and badges… Read More

The Times

Eco-friendly holidays — journeys that give back

Each trip is based around the client’s interests: whether that’s horse riding, climbing, diving or cooking. Last year they created two bespoke itineraries for foodies to see destinations through the eyes of farmers, chefs, restaurateurs and fishermen. Next year they hope to take clients to Indonesia with the team who produced the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral to see the work being done to regenerate reefs… Read more

Country & Town House

Ecotourism: How to avoid greenwashing when travelling

As we all strive to make more sustainable choices, how much of an issue is greenwashing? And how can you avoid it? We sought expert advice… Read more

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